Universidade Charles em Praga (UK)

Founded 1348 by King Charles IV. Became a State institution 1773 when the Society of Jesus was dissolved. Divided in 1882 into separate Czech and German universities each bearing the title Charles-Ferdinand. Present title adopted 1918. Closed in November 1939 during the German occupation, reopened 1945 at which time the German university was abolished. Acquired present status 1999.

Financiamento: Público
Credenciamento: Programme accreditation (not institutional accreditation, since it does not exist in the Czech Republic) provided by the Accreditation Commission of the Czech Republic.
Notas 3
Línguas 4
Divisões 23
  • Detalhes da admissão: Secondary school certificate (Maturitní vysvědčeni) and entrance examination
  • Opção gratuita: In the Czech Republic it is not nationality that is decisive for tuition fees but the language of instruction, i.e. there are no tuition fees for foreign/international students who study in the Czech language (except when they exceed the standard duration of the degree programme plus one year, but the same holds for domestic students). All students pay modest admission fees.

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