Founded 1853 by an Act of the Victorian State Parliament, Melbourne was Victoria's first University and Australia's second. Funding is through the Australian Government and non-governmental sources. The University amalgamated with the Melbourne College of Advanced Education in 1989, with the Hawthorn Institute of Education in 1996 and with the Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture in 1997. Victorian College of the Arts became a full faculty in 2007.

Financiamento: Público
Notas 3
Línguas 1
Divisões 12
Propinas anuais
Moeda local: AUD
AU$ 32.000,00AU$ 32.000,00
  • Detalhes da admissão: Satisfactory completion of an approved final year of high school equivalent to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or, in countries without a recognised high school qualification, completion of a foundation programme in Australia or first year standing from a recognised overseas tertiary institution, and satisfactory completion of any special course requirements, admission quotas apply and completion of entrance qualifications does not guarantee right of entry.
Cursos on-line curtas 21
A Sua Moeda: USD
US$ 23.938,87US$ 23.938,87

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